Star-Crossed: Age 27 Break-Ups & Shake-Ups

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If you know a little bit about astrology, you probably know that your Moon sign is just as important as your Sun. It makes sense that the Sun sign gets all the attention – the Sun represents the shiny part of us, the ways we want to be seen. The Moon describes our more private, on-the-couch-in-our-sweatpants-cuddling side. In love, the Moon shows how we give and receive nurturing, as well as the basic stuff that makes us happy or at least comfortable in our day-to-day lives.

During the year we turn 27*, the Moon in our progressed (read: evolving) chart comes full circle to meet the Moon in our birth chart.

That might sound like a bunch of astro-jargon, but what it boils down to is this: at age 27, the planets ask us to become our own mama. This means getting real about our needs and asking ourselves, “Am I happy living like this?”

Surprise surprise, the progressed lunar return (PLR) can set off explosions in close friendships, especially those with people who remind you of your original mother figure, and partnerships. Heartache is par for the course, though some lucky people have a blast during this period. (It’s okay to hate them a little for it. They’re having so much fun they won’t notice.) How we hold those we love, how we want to be held, how close we actually want to be – all undergo the kind of nausea-inducing scrutiny that can make us fear we must choose between our self-care and the one(s) in whose hearts and familiar skin smells we make our home.

Relationships with room for growth will only become stronger as a result of the emotional home renovations. Others will fall apart. This is okay. To love better, we must begin by loving ourselves as well as we can, with kindness, patience and willingness to say “no” to what keeps on feeling bad.

Because we are all different, your PLR might be about a lot more than intimate relationships. Look up the house position of your natal Moon** and then see below to find out where your biggest changes will be happening during your next PLR.

*This process repeats, with a more mature flavor, at ages 54 and 81. Reflecting back on what happened at the previous progressed lunar return will help you know how to handle this one for the healthiest possible outcome.

**Enter your birth data here and look for the numbered pie slice (aka house) with that crescent moon in it.

Moon in the 1st House

Your whole self-image is in flux. This can lead to upsets and serious emo-ness every time you have to go out in public or do anything new. If gender identity or sexual orientation questions have been lurking, now is the time to take those feelings seriously.

Moon in the 2nd House

Oh crap, money! Get a handle on how you handle the material world in general and cashflow in particular. In astrology, how we relate to $$ is (one) outer expression of our core values. Where money issues like shame, envy, erratic spending/saving habits, never enough $$ to take of yourself, overindulgence pop up, pay attention to where your value system might need some special nurturing. One big question here is: do you truly value your inner child?

Moon in the 3rd House

Let’s talk about communication. You naturally speak and write from your emotions, which sometimes leads to inconsistency and confusion. You need language, and now is the time to grow up about how you use it, so others understand what you mean. If you’re a writer who doesn’t write, now is the time to put words to your memories and emotional impressions.

Moon in the 4th House

The Moon rules the 4th house, which means you can double-underline everything above about the PLR. Up for renovations are your physical home, your memories of childhood, instinctive behavior, family of origin issues and, especially, mom or the lack thereof. It’s not easy for you to get enough distance for clarity about these parts of your life, but during your PLR you can trust your gut sense to feel through what needs understanding.

Moon in the 5th House

How are your creative life and relationships to kids going? Time to get back to art, make that baby you’ve been dreaming of, and spend time with the children who bring out your sense of play. Expect either turmoil or deep connection on the dating front. In either case, you’re figuring out how to flirt and play your way towards good love.

Moon in the 6th House

Might be time for a new job, or new routine that better suits your natural rhythms. Review whether you’re either giving or expecting too much in these areas, and be real about your needs. Health issues can pop up now, so get a check up just to be safe. If you don’t like your doctor or don’t have one, it’s time for a change.

Moon in the 7th House

For you it really IS all about relationships. Especially relationship boundaries (they don’t come easily to you). Where do you feel used and sucked dry? Where do you revert to childish helplessness and expect to be taken care of? You have a natural skillset for bonding and compromise. These gifts will lead to nurturing, peaceful relationships once you’ve learned to be your own best friend first.

Moon in the 8th House

Ssssex is on the agenda! Solo sex, fantasy sex, kinky play, deep-ass hook-ups – whatever you’re up, the practice is to feel into where you connect and where you disconnect. You’re a natural shadow-spelunker, diving headlong into your and others’ dark sides. Now, more than ever, dare to love (and take care of) yourself as fiercely as you know how to harm yourself. If death sings her siren songs at you this year, find thee an awesome therapist. (In the short run, this is what crisis lines are for. Allow yourself the comfort of human understanding.) You’ve traveled so far emotionally in your life that you can handle anything, but you’ve been hurt and those hurts accumulate. Now’s the time to be the alchemist of yourself. Turn that pain to gold, my dear. Swim up from the deep with your treasure, so you can heal others.

Moon in the 9th House

Are you giving yourself enough adventure-cations or are you just stuck in a perpetual dissatisfaction cycle? Are you indulging your love of learning or just falling in love with people who live a million miles away? You might think you need to turn your life upside down to be happy, but chances are you just need more spice (and opportunities for expansion) in your day-to-day. Dream big, and then execute those dreams in the smallest possible way first.

Moon in the 10th House

You’ve somehow always been more visible than other people, which can be a gift and a burden. Explore how much of your truest self is coming out in your career and public life. Are you letting your boss/audience/community/father/mother project all their crap on you? Are you bending yourself to fit what you feel is needed from you? You’re not the world’s mommy, but now’s the time to be your own. A career change may well be due. Ideally, one that lets your nurturing, imaginative, feeling side take center stage.

Moon in the 11th House

Expect major changes in your friendships, community, chosen family and political ideals. If you tend to have leaky boundaries (or codependent behaviors) with your peeps, pay attention to how that’s making you feel. Sadness, confusion, fears that you aren’t okay without them are all signs that you need to shift things. This is a great time to get involved in an organized, active political movement that allows you to bond with others around a shared need for a better future.

Moon in the 12th House

You have a history of hiding out, from yourself as well as others. When alone, you have the capacity to touch that big, formless energy some people call God and others call Art or Dream. Unfortunately, the habit of only letting your guard down, only letting yourself have needs, only letting yourself inhabit your nurturing or creative side when you’re in hiding can make you fall apart physically and psychologically. Compulsive behavior and loneliness are both red flags that you are living with your heart in a locked closet. Now or never, time to take the risk of letting others in and letting that big beautiful love-art-god stuff you channel out.

What do you need to understand to navigate the changing waters of this time of life? Schedule a one-on-one Integral reading by phone or video chat for insight on how to forge happiness, meaning and love from the ingredients of your natal chart.

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