Individual Readings

Local to Lethbridge? Contact me using the form below for details on lower, CAD prices for in-person readings.

POWER reading – 20 min. – $30usd  A mini one-on-one reading for the astro-curious. Find out about your Sun (purpose and motivation), Moon (feelings and intimacy style) and Rising (basic attitude and vibes you give off)–plus why you’re unique from those who share your birth sign. New clients only.

LOVE reading – 20 min. – $30usd  Who’s your ideal partner—and how can you land ‘em? Find out in a mini one-on-one reading focusing on the key areas in your chart related to romantic love, bonding and what you personally need to be happy in a relationship. New clients only.

DEPTH reading – 60 min. – $125usd
Here we look closely at key psychological areas of birth chart including basic motivation (Sun) , personal needs, intimacy (Moon) and the central themes of your life work. The second half of our session will focus on your specific questions and current opportunities/challenges (transits). These readings are ideal if you have 1-2 specific problems to tackle or want to learn about the essence of your chart. A good length for someone who wants to get right to the heart of the matter.

INTEGRAL reading – 90 min. – $145usd  Recommended for anyone who would like extra time to explore. This reading starts with a broad look at the basic personality, motivations, needs, love style, obstacles and talents, before delving into current events (transits) and your specific questions/areas of concern. Allows more time and flexibility for follow-up questions and an encompassing look at the chart than the DEPTH. For especially curious types and conversationalists, this length makes for the most satisfying reading.

RETURN CLIENT readings -60 or 90 min. ($125 or $145 usd)
For those who’ve already had a Depth or Integral session.
Check in with your current transits and plunge deeper into your natal chart. In the context of a conversation, we listen to what the planets have to say about what’s up in your life right now and anything that’s on your mind from career, love, money, family, body issues, feelings and self-fulfillment to just living life on two steady feet. The natal chart has many layers to explore, so bring your questions, or we’ll use your current transits to point to the activated areas of your chart. Especially good for periods of life change, decision-making and new beginnings in love, work, art, politics and home.

All readings include a downloadable audio file recording of our conversation for you to keep.

Appointments are available by phone or video chat (Zoom) 7 days a week. To schedule your session, email or fill out the form below. 






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