Ethical, Compassionate Activism for Virgos!

Virgo is the political organizer of the Zodiac. Here’s the reason why, and how to keep human shortcomings from driving you nuts.   Support a good cause and find out where your Virgoan problem-solving acumen can be best directed, plus how to keep your activist-self healthy, happy and effective, in a one-on-one $20 RESISTANCE! reading (by phone orContinue reading “Ethical, Compassionate Activism for Virgos!”

Virgo Lifehacks – The Hamsterwheel of Worry!

Bad news: your brain is out to get you. Good news: there’s a multi-step solution for that, applicable starting now. What does your Virgo superpower look like and how can you claim it? Find out what your Moon and rising signs, and the house position of your Virgo Sun say about your unique skills and deepest needsContinue reading “Virgo Lifehacks – The Hamsterwheel of Worry!”

How to Woo a Virgo

Wanna know how to unlock a Virgo’s heart? Start by taking a shower! You stink! Who’s your ideal partner—and how can you land ‘em? Find out in a personal 20 minute Love reading! P.s. This is a skype or phone reading for new clients only.

Your Astrological Trump Survival Guide

Read for your sun sign. You can also explore your secret weapons by reading the description of your north node sign (in which case, ignore the Achilles heel). Relevant under all conditions of tyranny. (If you need a little extra help during these times, I’m offering 20 minute Trump emergency planning readings for $10 (justContinue reading “Your Astrological Trump Survival Guide”

10 Reasons Not To Date A Virgo

  #1 – Your Virgo BF notices EVERYTHING. When I say “everything” what I mean is: he notices everything that’s wrong. Which leads me to… #2 – Your Virgo GF wants to fix you. Her drive for perfection is awesome when she’s tinkering with your car engine or proofreading your cover letter. Sort of awesomeContinue reading “10 Reasons Not To Date A Virgo”

Dear Seagoat #7: Problem Dads, Fix-It Moms

Dear Seagoat is now being co-hosted by Head over to check the column out in its new digs, plus read great other things about pop culture, leaving San Francisco, and PJ Harvey as literary fodder. Dear Seagoat, My 10 1/2 year old daughter is just about to start middle school. I have been a singleContinue reading “Dear Seagoat #7: Problem Dads, Fix-It Moms”

Dear Seagoat: “Her boyfriend is the jerk, but I’m getting punished.” — Virgo Under Duress

**Astro-friends: Dear Seagoat is a new site feature. Kind of Dear Abby meets Savage Love, but with more planets. If you have a question, send it to along with your birth info (time/date/location) and I’ll happily take it for a spin.** Dear Seagoat, A good friend of mine has a boyfriend that I absolutelyContinue reading “Dear Seagoat: “Her boyfriend is the jerk, but I’m getting punished.” — Virgo Under Duress”

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