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  1. So relieved that all that may be expected of me in terms of political action is hosting some kickass brunches! I’m so on that! 😉 Great read – may all the signs unite around a much better future.

  2. Wait. So what if your north node is the same as your sun sign? What is your secret weapon then and can you ignore your Achilles heel?

  3. This is brilliant. I love how reading them all together gives us a community of being and action.

    • That’s so nice to hear, Anne. I wrote this from the pit of despair in the days after the election with the wish that it could somehow be useful (or at least entertaining) to others. It’s a wonderful surprise that so many have connected to it. The solidarity gives me hope that we may be able to move forward together out of this dark political night, toward some good transformation.

    • Sort of? These are written with people who want to do good in mind, which I doubt includes DT. The scatterbrainedness, ability to see things from all sides and turn a negative situation into a positive one (at least for himself) DEFINITELY do, don’t you think?? That’s what makes him such a good liar–and so unreliable. Probably what makes him able to recover so easily from what seem like politically fatal blows too, I’d guess. Ultimately his (and all of our) sun signs are just one piece of a big picture.

  4. As a Pisces with north node Virgo I think this is awesome. You reminded me not to sink into the misery and be so overwhelmed with the energy, and there are things I can…we can all…do. We aren’t helpless, and it is just unfortunate that people will be hurt…sigh. Thanks for this!

  5. Thank you, Luke Dani Blue. Now, I did find my North Node and it is the same as my Sun Sign. So then I have to ask if, according to this I have no secret weapons? Or how does the puzzle piece of the North Node fit in when it is the same as the Sun Sign?

    • Augie, if your sun sign and north node are the same, then it typically means (depending on the rest of the chart) that your unconscious tendency will be to strongly express the Achilles heel of your sun sign, but that with the courage and willpower to be your best self, your sun sign superpowers become extremely powerful and positive for yourself and others. You could say that your secret weapon is right there in plain view waiting for you to pick it up as soon as you’re ready. 🙂

  6. […] Maybe this is why we take comfort in fitting into one of 12 “pre-destined” categories. Not to mention in times of crisis, whether personal or political, there is comfort in being validated. The world may be crumbling, but at least you know who you are. And while nobody is just a Scorpio or a Slytherin, those identities can be tools to uncover a deeper self. Or just to know how you should handle a Trump presidency. […]

  7. The Cancer part made me cry. My friends did tell me that I was helping them by continuing to talk about it and feel feelings about it. The Aries North Node part is true to. I did spring into action. But recently the Cancer part has won out. Manly, the shell. I can’t read, see or hear too much painful stuff. It makes me want to give up on the world and myself. So right now I am subscribed to things. I sign the occasional petition. My biggest contribution is giving $10 a month each to three different organizations. ACLU, American Refugee Committee, and Planned Parenthood. Hopefully some other people are picking up slack with the environmental organizations 😉

    • Emily, I was thinking it’s about time for a Part II of this post. Because, yeah, what worked at the outset doesn’t necessarily feel sustainable in the long run. Do you have any opinions on what a healthy strategy for Cancers would be at this point in the game??

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