Yes, Some Libras Are Jerks.

Your sun is way more than just a sign! Find out about how your sun sign fits in with your moon, rising sign and house positions in a personal 20-minute Power reading.

Just and Clear Activism for Libra!

Libra, your keen sense of justice marries perfectly to your gift for connection. Be the ambassador of your cause–but avoid diplomat-ing it to death.   Support a good cause and find out where your Libran clarity can be best directed, plus how to keep your activist-self healthy, happy and effective, in a one-on-one $20 RESISTANCE! reading (by phone orContinue reading “Just and Clear Activism for Libra!”

Libra Lifehacks – The REAL Reason You Can’t Decide

Libra, are you ever-so-secretly in love with every option? External pressure is key for getting sh*t done. What does your Libra superpower look like and how can you claim it? Find out what your Moon and rising signs, and the house position of your Libra Sun say about the unique way you create justice, balance and beautyContinue reading “Libra Lifehacks – The REAL Reason You Can’t Decide”

Your Astrological Trump Survival Guide

Read for your sun sign. You can also explore your secret weapons by reading the description of your north node sign (in which case, ignore the Achilles heel). Relevant under all conditions of tyranny. (If you need a little extra help during these times, I’m offering 20 minute Trump emergency planning readings for $10 (justContinue reading “Your Astrological Trump Survival Guide”

10 Reasons Not To Date A Libra

1. They don’t know they don’t actually like you. You’re on the bus to some awkward office team building exercise, which is already the worst place in the universe to be headed. This Libra sits down next to you. He has cute hair, has somehow managed to make the dorky Team Building Day tee lookContinue reading “10 Reasons Not To Date A Libra”

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