What To Expect

Whether you’re new to astrology or just new to Seagoat Astrology, here’s a bit about what to expect from a reading.

When you Skype in (or call) for the first time, we begin by looking at the natal chart. The natal chart provides a picture of the whole personality, its potentials and challenges. There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” chart–though certainly some charts (some lives) require more conscious effort than others. My job as the astrologer is to translate the chart into plain English and give you tools to use that information. Expect to leave a session with practical approaches to: achieving your goals, furthering your career, discovering or sustaining a creative practice, improving your mental health, exploring your sexuality or building happier personal relationships.

You can come to the reading with specific questions or issues to discuss–or with your curiosity. Often new clients are unsure exactly what questions astrology can answer. It’s fine to not know what you want to get from a reading. You can always bring up a question mid-session or simply listen, if that’s what works best for you. Do be prepared for me to ask you some basic questions though. In my opinion, astrology is only a useful when grounded in the details of your real life. This means I’ll probably ask you what kind of work you do, whether you’re in a relationship, have children and any other basic information that feels relevant to the area of the chart under discussion.

The way I practice astrology, your “destiny” is a malleable thing–meaning under your own influence (if not your perfect control). The bad news is, I can’t tell when you’ll fall in love or if you’ll get rich. The good news is, I can warn you that money will be tight over the next year or encourage you to get on Tindr when the stars are saying fun opportunities are headed your way. If it feels relevant to the reading, I’ll also bring in information about larger planetary cycles–for instance, when your career will “peak” or approaching periods of change and challenge. Learning about transits can be a wonderful opportunity to get the most of a current life lesson, as well as laying groundwork to help minimize future struggles. (In tough times, transits can also offer the balm of an end date on a particular crisis.)

Please note that each reading includes an MP3 recording for you to keep, and you are always welcome to email me post-reading with any follow-up questions.

Want to know whether my reading personality will be a fit for you? Check out the archives of my astro-advice column, Dear Seagoat, available through Seagoat Astrology’s homepage. And as always, if you want to know more, please just ask!


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