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  1. Well. Venus in Capricorn here, with Venus Rx traveling through my 10th house. It has been one financial disaster after another, ending in loss of income altogether and hitting a new ground zero. I’ve looked back to October of 2010; it was my first semester at college as a single mom. I managed that time poorly, with a deep depression taking over until December. This time around, I’m depressed but for a different reason (and dealing with it a little better): All of my plans are falling through, and with loss of income, I’ve had to seriously pull back my investments in future positions I’d like at work.

    The biggest factor in this Rx is the sense that I’ve disappointed those who are used to a more responsible, level-headed person who keeps their commitments. Disappointed myself, too. Normally I can focus on the future just fine and keep plugging away–this is a really rough transit :/

    • Renee, ugh! So sorry! That does sound rough. 🙁 For whatever it’s worth, I suspect you’re going through a more significant outer planet transit. Those tend to create more drama, but also more valuable growth and change. In that case, Venus Rx would be acting as a trigger or temporary focal point for a larger learning process.

      • *sigh* I see where you’re coming from. Thank you for your reply, btw.

        My chart is one of those pinball kind, where one transit affects a whole bunch of planets because of how they’re connected to each other. Makes it difficult to examine a single transit in isolation. Not that there is such a thing as isolation, but I’m trying to understand the mechanics of a retrograde Venus. I’d say what you’re probably picking up on is transiting Jupiter exactly conjunct my natal Uranus at 29 Scorpio. This Jupiter transit activates a natal square between Mars-Mercury and Uranus, so it makes sense that I’d be having a rough time of it. Venus Rx have always been difficult for me, though, so I don’t think it’s just an outer planet. But then, it’s never *just* anything with a chart like mine.

        Ah well, I guess we’ll see what happens next. Thanks again for your thoughts.

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