3 responses to “Uranus enters Taurus: Playing it safe risks everything”

  1. Good morning, Luke Dani Blue,
    Great article, thanks! Taurus is my rising sign. I think I’ve been getting zapped by lightning bolts for a couple of years now, as Uranus slowly moved its way toward Taurus. My “mask” has definitely changed, although it’s been really subtle so far. Not sure how my nervous Virgo Sun (5th house) is feeling about this. My off-beat Aquarius moon (10th house) is really fascinated by it all, though 🙂
    I’ve recently discovered your website. It’s great! I’ve signed up for your newsletter. Looking forward to more. Take care!

    • Sharon,

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the reads!! Zapped you may have been (even by Uranus) but not to any of the three positions you mention! The general rule for transits is that they don’t begin until the transiting planet is 2 degrees away from the degree of the natal planet–though some astrologers will begin to note the effect as far as 5 degrees away. Even if you have a zero degree Taurus rising (or Aquarius moon), you would have begun feeling the Uranus’ effects May 2017 at the earliest. So it’s something else!

      What Uranus *has* probably been doing, is traveling through your 12th house–the land of dreams, imagination and what we hide from ourselves–which can be a truly weird period of oddball fantasies, private connections to unusual people and discovering new, more independent sides of yourself when you retreat from the outside world.

      You might also look at the position of Neptune, which is moving through Pisces, in relation to your sun. Neptune moves pretty slowly but at some point between 2011-2026 it will have passed opposite your Sun. That is more of a “subtle” transit, that softens (or exaggerates, go figure) egocentricity, bringing out the Virgoan desire to be helpful, especially to people who are in some way invisible or especially vulnerable.

      No way to know exactly what’s been going on without your full chart. One thing is certain, though: with that Aquarius moon and Taurus rising, you’re in for at least one or two years of dramatic changes between now and 2025!

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