Client Reviews

Here are what some past clients have said about Seagoat Astrology. (Even more reviews are available on Yelp and Facebook.)

“It felt great to be seen and understood with no judgment.” –Maya I., Child and Family Therapist, Olympia, WA

“Luke brings deep wisdom and psychological insight to her work: I heard today, for example, about a particular pattern in my life that no one has exactly nailed in my almost half-a-century of existence. Hearing an articulation like this is like seeing the latent image in a photographic exposure come into light and definition in the processing tray, and the result is liberating. When Luke says, through the chart, its okay to be who you really are, I believe her–she has the kind of personal integrity that gives her the authority to say such things.” — Diana F.

“I don’t even really believe in astrology, but Luke was so insightful that I’m tempted to rethink my beliefs. Some parts of what she said rang eerily true, while other parts gave me a new way to think about myself and my choices in life. All of it was fascinating, and I’m still replaying the recording of our conversation months later.” –Lauren O’Neal, Freelance Journalist and Former Assistant Editor of The Rumpus

“Luke donated her time and did readings all night at Keshet’s Purim party. She had a great setup in the corner of the venue, and was busy all night! Our community members LOVED her.” –Maya Brodkey, Bay Area Community Programs Coordinator for Keshet, San Francisco

“I gave a friend a gift of a reading: a sarcastic, skeptical German friend who never would have purchased one for himself, but half-heartedly accepted my present, since he was also going through turbulent personal times. He was shocked at how much he got out of it, it was “scarily insightful,he said.” –Mojdeh Hojjati, Tour Guide and Owner, Journeys Beyond the Surface, Mexico City

“The “remedies” Luke suggested for the issues I’m dealing with were both affirming and motivating — I love that for the most part, they are things I’ve long been trying to cultivate in my life, but thanks to her insights, my new-found appreciation of their connection to the bigger picture has given me license to recommit to them fully.” — Lindsay E., Family Therapist, Toronto, Ontario

“Luke exudes such warmth, compassion and wisdom in her readings.” –Danielle R., Community Organizer, Philadelphia


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