Zapped, wooed, murdered: Dating under Uranus, Neptune & Pluto transits

Uranus transits feel like getting electrified, producing weird attractions & open-mindedness. Neptune is haze of love, heartbreak or both. Pluto is addiction-level obsessions. But transits from all three outer planets are rare and leave us permanently altered.

Romance on Neptune: Fantasy crushes & break ups from hell

Picture yourself on a stereotypical date night. You cue up some Jose Gonzalez, crack a bottle of wine and/or a vape, dial down the lights, spark that incense. Maybe you’ve got a N*flix show on tap and a volume of love poetry in your back pocket. You shower, conceal your most realistic features – theContinue reading “Romance on Neptune: Fantasy crushes & break ups from hell”

Growing up, growing old: Saturn’s Return

“My Saturn return is killing me!” Many of my twenty-something clients book their first astrology reading with a version of this mournful cry. Invariably, it turns out they are not only not in their Saturn return, but are months or years away from its start date. I stopped being surprised by this a long time ago. The stress,Continue reading “Growing up, growing old: Saturn’s Return”

The 7th House: Your mirror self

The 7th house in astrology is often called the house of relationship, but should probably be called the house of projection. Or, my preferred technical term, the house of ‘it’s not me, it’s you.’ The 7th house represents all kinds of one-on-one relationships. Spouses, besties, project collaborators and close parent relationships all show up here. Even your worstContinue reading “The 7th House: Your mirror self”

Venus retrograde 2018 – Niceness Vs. Realness

Ah, Libra season! Time of tasteful outfits and fair solutions, pleasant birthday parties and sweet friend dates. So relaxing. So sensible. So chill. NOT. Not this year anyway. Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, will be retrograde from Oct. 6th -Nov. 18th. In fact, we have been in the pre-shadow (fade-in) period since early September, meaning it’s already tilting balancedContinue reading “Venus retrograde 2018 – Niceness Vs. Realness”

Put down that sword, baby: (Queer) love on the planet Mars

This post originally appeared on Little Red Tarot. Mars – the principle of anger and selfishness – is not an easy planet. In classical and predictive astrology, the war-god planet is known as the lesser malefic (i.e. the villain, Saturn’s, mini-sidekick) for its association with conflict and difficult events. Outside of astrology-land, Martian behaviors, like grabbing theContinue reading “Put down that sword, baby: (Queer) love on the planet Mars”

June 2018 Horoscope

Thanks to a very active Venus and Mars, relationships—romances, friendships and even close bonds with a sibling or parent—are front and center this month. Specifically, the ever-relevant question: Is that shit yours or mine?

Mars & Venus do drag: The astrology of gender roles

 (This post originally appeared on Little Red Tarot.) When I first was getting into astrology, one of my biggest turn-offs was how gendered it seemed. Cheesy lines like this teaser from Linda Goodman’s 1978 classic Love Signsmade me roll my eyes practically out of my head: A Scorpio woman…will expect a Sagittarius man to pay forContinue reading “Mars & Venus do drag: The astrology of gender roles”

Star-Crossed: Age 27 Break-Ups & Shake-Ups

This post originally appeared on the Little Red Tarot, which gets first dibs on every Star-Crossed column. Follow Star-Crossed and keep up with other great LRT reads here! If you know a little bit about astrology, you probably know that your Moon sign is just as important as your Sun. It makes sense that theContinue reading “Star-Crossed: Age 27 Break-Ups & Shake-Ups”

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