Spring Reading Sale! Blog Reader Special and $15 Love Readings.

Hey blog friends! As a thank you for your readership and the comments that make it so fun to write these goofy astrology posts, I’ve got a promo especially for you. Until the end of this month mention this post and get 15% off either a Power, Depth or Integral reading scheduled before May 31, 2017.  IfContinue reading “Spring Reading Sale! Blog Reader Special and $15 Love Readings.”

Dear Seagoat #2: Love Trauma-Rama

  Dear Seagoat! I am just starting a new relationship.  It seems to be going wonderfully.  Lots of flirting, lots of sweetness.  But then, alas, I looked back at an old relationship that started around June 2012, and ended, flamingly! in fall of 2013.  The new relationship seems nice but I’m scared it’s just likeContinue reading “Dear Seagoat #2: Love Trauma-Rama”

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