How to Woo an Aries

Have a crush on an Aries? Find out how to land that ram in the world’s first Seagoat Astrology VIDEO. (OMG we are getting so futuristic over here!) Who’s your ideal partner—and how can you land ‘em? Find out in a personal 20 minute Love reading! P.s. This is a skype or phone reading for new clientsContinue reading “How to Woo an Aries”

Dear Seagoat #5: East Coast Fish, West Coast Waters

Dear Seagoat, I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary in California after leaving tighter-knit communities on the East Coast and overseas to start grad school. The past year has been a complete disaster for me personally – I’ve never lived anywhere this long and had no friends, no dating life and zero understanding of theContinue reading “Dear Seagoat #5: East Coast Fish, West Coast Waters”

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