Dear Seagoat #4: Crying in the Bathroom (A Rite of Passage)

Dear Seagoat, I am a queer writer living in a not-queer-friendly home, which is home nonetheless. I just graduated from college, so I’m at this weird turning point in my life where I can’t seem to make any decisions. (Why those are connected I have no idea.) Here are the situations that are strangling meContinue reading “Dear Seagoat #4: Crying in the Bathroom (A Rite of Passage)”

Dear Seagoat #2: Love Trauma-Rama

  Dear Seagoat! I am just starting a new relationship.  It seems to be going wonderfully.  Lots of flirting, lots of sweetness.  But then, alas, I looked back at an old relationship that started around June 2012, and ended, flamingly! in fall of 2013.  The new relationship seems nice but I’m scared it’s just likeContinue reading “Dear Seagoat #2: Love Trauma-Rama”

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