Spring Reading Sale! Blog Reader Special and $15 Love Readings.

Hey blog friends!

As a thank you for your readership and the comments that make it so fun to write these goofy astrology posts, I’ve got a promo especially for you.

Until the end of this month mention this post and get 15% off either a Power, Depth or Integral reading scheduled before May 31, 2017.  If you’ve never had a real-life astrology reading before, it’s essentially you and me sitting across a phone or video chat connection, taking a good look at your chart. I describe what’s in your personal chart in plain, easy to understand terms and give you down-to-earth advice for how to move through any challenges laid out before you. (People usually think the reading the will be “scary” and leave surprised by how amped up, affirmed and confident they feel about their lives.)

Ready to book now? Or want a $15 love reading? CLICK HERE.

Here’s some reactions from clients who’ve already gotten their spring readings:

“I had the privilege of having a 20-minute [Love] reading with Luke that was informative, detailed, and deeply revealing. In the context of focusing on two areas of my birth chart and the influence of those areas on my relationships, Luke picked up on both overarching truths and important minutiae–down to pinpointing my attitude about putting away toys when I was a child (I turned it, as I do all meaningful work, into a game that delighted me). The focused attention and care with which the reading was approached supported my own sense of my relationships while also giving me more to consider. I will definitely work with Luke again to do a deeper dive. If you’re thinking about a reading, you should definitely move forward.”
–Salimah P.

“Luke is brilliant. Her 90-minute reading not only resonated completely, but she also had nuanced and subtle insights that hit home, that no one else has been able to articulate so clearly. I have rarely, if ever, spent 90 minutes with someone and walked away far more sure of how to live my life. Things I looked at from a certain point of view, Luke saw from a different point of view, which was incredibly refreshing and mind-opening. This was my first reading and aside from knowing my “sign” I knew little about astrology. Luke had a great balance of sharing the basics of astrology and providing very deep and useful insight. You will not be disappointed.”
–Susan K.

Oh! and by the way, I will off the grid during June and July 2017. So if you want a reading soon, hit me up to schedule for May–or get yourself on the calendar for August.

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