Saturn, Mars & your career make headway (finally)

Happy Virgo—I mean, Labor—Day!

It is a happy astrological time indeed, for the work-lovers among us. For everyone else, the planets are primed to help us get more purpose and satisfaction from our careers.

As a Capricorn star-translator, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer a little aid toward this end. Hence, I am doing AMAZING LABOR MONTH CAREER MINI-READINGS for $20 a pop. (Apologies to all the leisure lovers for stealing the end of September from Libra. Even astrologers can’t always stay on schedule.) Deets below.IMG_20180822_152400791.jpg Your career, according to astrology

In astrology-ese, ‘career’ means something bigger and cooler than what you do to pay your bills. Really, I’m talking about vocation.

Word nerd interjection: vocation comes from the Latin vocare, meaning to call. Vocation in the natal chart, as represented by your midheaven (MC), is what the world is calling on you to contribute.

A midheaven in Scorpio person is being ‘asked’ by her life’s limitations, opportunities and even specific authority figures to contribute her Scorpionic psychological and financial acumen and her access to what society deems as taboo. MC in Scorpio fields include psychotherapy, sex and gender studies, banking, criminal investigation, funeral services and sex work. Because Scorpio represents the taboo, some Scorpio MC people get fired for knowing unpopular truths or make their money in secretive ways. (Blackmail, anyone?)

In other words, intense Scorpio makes for an intense professional life for those who have it on their midheaven. That’s true, even if you are otherwise a super chill Aquarius or pragmatic Virgo.

The Midheaven is astrology’s way of saying that who we are professionally is different from our day-to-day self. To make it on a career level, we need to pursue skills and experiences that support our public identity, even if we haven’t yet figured out who that other self is.

Mars and Saturn, our guides in the sky

Mars and Saturn are traditionally known as the ‘malefics’ aka bad guys. While these two planets do rule some unpopular things (e.g. rust, stab wounds and taxes) they are also our guides in the sky for planning and pursuing careers.

Transiting Saturn’s 29-year cycle maps out the stages of our professional goals and public success. Saturn tells us when to keep our nose to the grindstone versus when home and family should be our highest priorities. When listening to Saturn, we’re really tuning into our inner sense of right timing. We see results from our efforts and, even nicer, we can see that our complete confusion about how to make money is right on schedule.

Mars, by contrast, moves speedily, circling the natal chart in 2 years. Its short transits offer useful information about where our energy will be most effectively used during a given month.IMG_20180822_152313142.jpg

Mars and Saturn plow ahead in Capricorn

This summer saw a double-whammy Mars-Saturn retrograde, which meant, for a lot of us, constant bumps in the road. Plan-making and acting on plans was tricky during Mars’ retrograde June 26th-August 27th. New projects resisted getting off the ground and energy may have flagged exactly when it was most needed.

Saturn, which spends over a third of the year appearing to move backwards, has been retrograde since April 17th, 2018. While Saturn is retrograde, those of us experiencing major Saturn transits have found ourselves saying ‘no’, cutting back and saying goodbye to relationships, projects, passions and places that no longer fit. Saturn is the planet of hard decisions and while it’s moving retrograde, we can find the part of our lives Saturn is affecting feeling pretty barren.

On September 6th, Saturn squeaks, pivots and finally turns direct, signaling a readiness to begin building again. Through September 10th, Mars and Saturn are cohabitating in Capricorn. Both planets work well in the sign of plans and structures. Mars in Capricorn lends our actions extra patience and follow-through. Saturn in Capricorn eliminates the dysfunctional and commits to what will show results in the long run. Meanwhile, the Sun is Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept 22) is passionate about our daily rhythms and rituals, especially those of our work life.

The bottom line? With effort, this is an excellent time for job starts, changes, decisions, and committing to ambitious yet practical goals.

Super amazing labor month career readings

During the month of September, I am offering $20/20 minute career readings for new AND return clients. Get a quickie overview of your overall vocation (the fields where you’ll have the most success and satisfaction), best practices for handling money and achieving long-term goals, and precisely where you are in you are in your 29-year career cycle.

All this in 20 minutes? Good thing I talk fast!

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