Gift a Reading

"gifts for anyone you like a lot (even yourself)"

A one-on-one astrology reading is a genuinely special gift. Make your person’s birthday or graduation a true celebration of their uniqueness, or give a BFF a caring and insightful new perspective when shit has really hit the fan.

Mini-readings and standard readings are the most popular gift choices. The difference is basically how long the reading is and how personal it gets. So, mini-readings are better for folks who like to keep it fun and light, while your friend who is super into therapy and wellness retreats will love the deep-dive of the hour-plus standard option.

Discounted packages are also available when ordering multiple readings for one or more recipients. (Order those on the “Deals” page.)

To place an order, fill out your info in this form & then keep an eye out for an email with payment instructions (within 2 business days). Gift recipients will receive a friendly message with booking code within about a day of payment.

"gifts for anyone you like a lot (even yourself)"
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