Free/by Donation Pandemic Readings

how Bacon the Dog feels about the coronavirus

Dear friends,

These are weird and wild times, the kind of life-reorganizing chaos for which astrology can offer helpful perspective. Because of that, I am offering a limited number of free or by donation 45-minute readings. We can talk about whatever you want, whether or not it is Covid-19 specific. I figure, any little bit of extra grounding is useful right now.

To book, select the Covid Reading option and use the promo code COVIDFREE at checkout. More dates/times will be added as I am able to and as the need exists.

Oh, and if you’re the rare person in a financially secure position right now, consider paying full price. Any proceeds will go towards allowing me to offer more free Covid Readings in the future!



9 responses to “Free/by Donation Pandemic Readings”

  1. Hi there,

    I seem to be having trouble using the code you posted here! The message “this code expired April 1, 2020” keeps popping up and I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong on my end. Any suggestions for booking would be appreciated!

    Thank you so much for offering this so generously!

    • Hi dudester,

      There isn’t a line, but there may still be an opening or two which you can view by clicking on the link above and selecting “Covid Reading” from the list! If anyone cancels, openings will appear there. If I have the time and energy, I may do another round of freebies next month as well.



  2. Hello, I’d love to get a reading from you but can’t quite carve out the privacy right now to get into the headspace before/during/after for enjoying the full experience. Could I send a token donation as thanks for the work that you’ve published (and with the hope that more content will be forthcoming, esp from the “Reasons Not To…” series in particular) via paypal or something? If there’s a handy link somewhere I’ve missed it; my best guess would be to send to the same email address given on the page for booking requests.

    • Hey N.,

      Absolutely! The gesture is much appreciated. You can send tips via Paypal to seagoatastrology at gmail.

      I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer (bleh, but curable) and it makes me VERY tired, so I probably won’t be doing any blogging or vlogging this year, I’m afraid! Hope to be able to continue to do readings on a semi-regular schedule, though, if you find yourself in a clearer headspace later. 🙂


      • Well whenever you feel up to writing again on this platform, I look forward to reading, whether that’s next year or the year after, etc. Someday I’ll get that Gemini roast! As for my natal season around the corner I guess the highlight may have to just be the heavily Gemini transits incoming. (I know Taurus only just began theirs, but nonetheless!) You’re one of my top two fave astrologers- here’s hoping the long journey toward recovery goes straightforward and smoothly

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