Fall ’21 News – Lower-Fee Crisis Readings, Cancer (the other kind), Book, etc.

Dear readers and lovely clients,

hello!! It’s been a minute and I’ve been getting lots of questions by email, so an update seemed due. Apologies for bullet-point form, but my brain is too dang tired for complete paragraphs. I bet a few of you can relate!

A LOT has been happening in my life during covid times:

In Luke’s-other-hat news….


Stuff I’ve read recently that I am integrating into my client work:

Welp, that’s all I got rn! So much love to you, dear astro-friends. I hope you book a reading so we can see each other’s faces (or not!) soon, cuz human connection is WHERE IT’S AT.



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  1. So good to hear your voice again. I’m very glad your visit to cancer world and it on such a positive note. Your future plan sound very grounded and interesting.

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