Discover Your Sun–More Than Its Sign

The solstice is the day of the year when the sun rules the sky, illuminating our side of the earth and inviting us to play, create, and be our most authentic selves. In the sun’s honor, join astrologer Luke Dani Blue to go beyond your zodiac sign and learn what your unique solar placement reveals about how to live life fully, as only you can.

Topics covered:




Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Time: 6:30-8pm ET

Location: UpRiseHer @ 335 Hope St. 2nd Floor, Providence, RI  02906

Cost: $15


*Venue is not wheelchair accessible and is at the top of a flight of stairs. Please see full class listings for virtual live classes*


Your Instructor

Luke Dani Blue opened Seagoat Astrology, their healing-focused astrological consulting practice, in 2013. During that time, Luke has been the Refinery29 horoscope writer, blogged for Little Red Tarot as their resident queer astrology wonk, received shout-outs from Rob Breszny of Free Will Astrology, and counseled with clients of all ages in more than ten countries through all manner of life transition. Luke is also the author of a Kirkus Review Best Books of 2022 pick, Pretend It’s My Body: Stories. To learn more about Luke’s astrology practice or to book an astrology reading in Providence or via Zoom, visit