Partner Readings

YOU + ME reading – 90 min. – $195 
For lovers, spouses, BFFs, moms and daughters, business partners and anyone else teaming up together in life.
This reading uses your two natal charts, plus a blended composite, to find contrasts, compatibility and the stuff that keeps you going strong together. The goal? Better mutual understanding, a healthier bond and to find your best tools for navigating difference. This reading includes time to look at one specific question or challenge in the relationship (optional).

CONNECTION reading – 60 min. – $155
For pairs who have already gotten at least one partner reading.
In this reading, we navigate the specific issues coming up in your relationship right now. Each person comes away from the reading with a relationship “homework assignment” and an affirmation of the love and effort they are already contributing to their partnership.

All readings include an audio recording of our conversation.

Appointments are available by phone or video chat (Zoom) 7 days a week. To schedule your session, email or fill out the form below. 


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