Astrology on A Budget

LOVE reading – 20 min. – $30  Who’s your ideal partner—and how can you land ‘em? Find out in a mini one-on-one reading focusing on the key areas in your chart related to romantic love, bonding and what you personally need to be happy in a relationship. New clients only.

POWER reading – 20 min. – $30  A mini one-on-one reading for the astro-curious. Find out about your Sun (purpose and motivation), Moon (feelings and intimacy style) and Rising (basic attitude and vibes you give off)–and why you’re unique from those who share your birth sign. New clients only.

LOW-INCOME reading – $75  A full-length DEPTH individual reading for people self-identified as unable to afford a full price reading. Please make sure this category applies to you as only a limited number of low-income slots are available. May be used once per year as long as category applies.

All readings include a downloadable audio file of our conversation for you to keep.

Appointments are available by phone or video chat (Zoom) throughout the week. To schedule your session, email or fill out the form below. 



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