Fall ’21 News – Lower-Fee Crisis Readings, Cancer (the other kind), Book, etc.

Dear readers and lovely clients, hello!! It’s been a minute and I’ve been getting lots of questions by email, so an update seemed due. Apologies for bullet-point form, but my brain is too dang tired for complete paragraphs. I bet a few of you can relate! A LOT has been happening in my life duringContinue reading “Fall ’21 News – Lower-Fee Crisis Readings, Cancer (the other kind), Book, etc.”

Free/by Donation Pandemic Readings

Dear friends, These are weird and wild times, the kind of life-reorganizing chaos for which astrology can offer helpful perspective. Because of that, I am offering a limited number of free or by donation 45-minute readings. We can talk about whatever you want, whether or not it is Covid-19 specific. I figure, any little bitContinue reading “Free/by Donation Pandemic Readings”

Zapped, wooed, murdered: Dating under Uranus, Neptune & Pluto transits

Uranus transits feel like getting electrified, producing weird attractions & open-mindedness. Neptune is haze of love, heartbreak or both. Pluto is addiction-level obsessions. But transits from all three outer planets are rare and leave us permanently altered.

Saturn doesn’t like ice cream: Dating under Saturn transits

Pushing yourself to date because your friends (and every other voice in the culture) say you should is a form of disrespect and unkindness to yourself. Saturn reminds you that you have a personal timeline. Your cycle of unfolding is yours alone.

April 2019: Jupiter goes quiet (so listen harder!)

On April 10th, Jupiter retrograde begins in a T-square (a tense formation) with Mercury in Pisces and the moon in Gemini, making for a day or so of loud feelings. You may not be entirely sure what you need or how to put those needs into words but with these particularly chatty positions, that won’t stop you from trying.

5 Simple Reasons Not to Date A Taurus

She catches your eye at the cafe. There’s just something about her, a potentially nuclear radiation of cuteness. You look closer–is that chocolate cake smeared across her chin? Are several thousand squid tentacles squirming from her shoulders? There is no question that she has been exposed to some sort of government experiment, and needs a napkin. And yet, she is proud of her flavor-saver squid bod. Smugly, she sparkles her eyes and you float over, like Pepe le Pew hooked on the perfume of Taurean self-satisfaction.

Astrology is not magic. And that’s a good thing.

The first time I encountered astrology, I was seventeen years old, at a lesbian music festival in the woods of northern Michigan. A few days earlier, I had spontaneously hopped into the backseat of a friend’s car with a sleeping bag and a vague expectation of acoustic guitar-strumming and shirtless leather dykes cracking their whips.Continue reading “Astrology is not magic. And that’s a good thing.”

2019 is serious. Here’s how to get ready.

2019 has begun and it is no joke. Actually, 2018 was no joke; 2019 is the dead-serious mastermind who wants to abolish jokes forever. In addition to Jupiter continuing its journey through Sagittarius, there are three big planetary themes this year: Uranus in Taurus, the square of Jupiter and Neptune, and Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Together, theyContinue reading “2019 is serious. Here’s how to get ready.”

Romance on Neptune: Fantasy crushes & break ups from hell

Picture yourself on a stereotypical date night. You cue up some Jose Gonzalez, crack a bottle of wine and/or a vape, dial down the lights, spark that incense. Maybe you’ve got a N*flix show on tap and a volume of love poetry in your back pocket. You shower, conceal your most realistic features – theContinue reading “Romance on Neptune: Fantasy crushes & break ups from hell”

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