5 Simple Reasons Not to Date A Taurus

She catches your eye at the cafe. There’s just something about her, a potentially nuclear radiation of cuteness. You look closer–is that chocolate cake smeared across her chin? Are several thousand squid tentacles squirming from her shoulders? There is no question that she has been exposed to some sort of government experiment, and needs a napkin. And yet, she is proud of her flavor-saver squid bod. Smugly, she sparkles her eyes and you float over, like Pepe le Pew hooked on the perfume of Taurean self-satisfaction.

Essential Activism for Taurus!

Taurus, you've got mega oomph. Use your charming ways to sway the masses! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FmNBj6DpF4&t=14s Support a good cause and find out where your bullish oomph can achieve the best results, plus how to stay healthy, happy and effective while resisting, in a one-on-one $20 RESISTANCE! reading (by phone or Skype). 100% of proceeds will be donated to an... Continue Reading →

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