Are Sagittariuses Really Cheaters?

Your sun is way more than just a sign! Find out about how your sun sign fits in with your moon, rising sign and house positions in a personal 20-minute Power reading.

Big ‘T’ Truth Activism for Sagittarius!

Dear Sagg, you burn bright, you fight hard, you don’t mind getting dirty, you can do it forever—assuming there’s a larger sense of meaning at work. P.s. remember to recharge! Support a good cause and find out where to set up your Sagittarian soapbox, plus how to keep your activist-self healthy, happy and effective, in aContinue reading “Big ‘T’ Truth Activism for Sagittarius!”

Sagittarius Lifehacks – Depression?!?

Sagittarius is part of what I call the zodiac’s Depressed Trifecta (Sag, Cap and Aquarius). Each of these signs is depression-prone, and of the three, Sag takes it the hardest but recovers the fastest. Here are some tips for putting the meaning back in meaninglessness, and the pep in your step. (Or just hanging inContinue reading “Sagittarius Lifehacks – Depression?!?”

Your Astrological Trump Survival Guide

Read for your sun sign. You can also explore your secret weapons by reading the description of your north node sign (in which case, ignore the Achilles heel). Relevant under all conditions of tyranny. (If you need a little extra help during these times, I’m offering 20 minute Trump emergency planning readings for $10 (justContinue reading “Your Astrological Trump Survival Guide”

10 Overwhelming Reasons Not To Date A Sagittarius

She falls in love so fast and hard it’s freaky. You picked this one out of the tinder line-up because she sounded like fun—and she is. You had sex on the first date because, well, it was fun. Which is not the same as having a drive through wedding the last time you checked. YeahContinue reading “10 Overwhelming Reasons Not To Date A Sagittarius”

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