Why Why Why Why???? Activism for Geminis!

Gemini, get your busy-bee, inquisitive self digging up info and weaving unlikely alliances--but watch out for being so open-minded you forget where you stand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjFstRozg-I Support a good cause and find out more about your unique activism gifts, plus how to stay healthy, happy and effective, in a one-on-one $20 RESISTANCE! reading (by phone or Skype). 100% of proceeds... Continue Reading →

Dear Seagoat #12: (Why) A Gemini Is A Gemini Is A Gemini…(or When Your Sun Sign Doesn’t Seem To Fit)

Dear Seagoat is now being co-hosted by The Tusk. Head over to check the column out in its new digs, plus read great other things about pop culture, leaving San Francisco, and PJ Harvey. Dear Seagoat, I am confused because I do not seem like what I read about Gemini. I am introverted, live in the... Continue Reading →

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