April 2019: Jupiter goes quiet (so listen harder!)

On April 10th, Jupiter retrograde begins in a T-square (a tense formation) with Mercury in Pisces and the moon in Gemini, making for a day or so of loud feelings. You may not be entirely sure what you need or how to put those needs into words but with these particularly chatty positions, that won’t stop you from trying.

2019 is serious. Here’s how to get ready.

2019 has begun and it is no joke. Actually, 2018 was no joke; 2019 is the dead-serious mastermind who wants to abolish jokes forever. In addition to Jupiter continuing its journey through Sagittarius, there are three big planetary themes this year: Uranus in Taurus, the square of Jupiter and Neptune, and Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Together, theyContinue reading “2019 is serious. Here’s how to get ready.”

Jupiter into Sagittarius: Finding the hope

Since last October, the planet of faith, truth-telling and savior complexes has been traveling through Scorpio, sign of paranoia, secrets and power trips. Aided by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter has pulled the veil off large-scale sex abuses, inspiring survivors to tell their stories. But planets don’t have political agendas. Those of us whoContinue reading “Jupiter into Sagittarius: Finding the hope”

Venus retrograde 2018 – Niceness Vs. Realness

Ah, Libra season! Time of tasteful outfits and fair solutions, pleasant birthday parties and sweet friend dates. So relaxing. So sensible. So chill. NOT. Not this year anyway. Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, will be retrograde from Oct. 6th -Nov. 18th. In fact, we have been in the pre-shadow (fade-in) period since early September, meaning it’s already tilting balancedContinue reading “Venus retrograde 2018 – Niceness Vs. Realness”

Saturn, Mars & your career make headway (finally)

Happy Virgo—I mean, Labor—Day! It is a happy astrological time indeed, for the work-lovers among us. For everyone else, the planets are primed to help us get more purpose and satisfaction from our careers. As a Capricorn star-translator, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer a little aid toward this end. Hence, I amContinue reading “Saturn, Mars & your career make headway (finally)”

June 2018 Horoscope

Thanks to a very active Venus and Mars, relationships—romances, friendships and even close bonds with a sibling or parent—are front and center this month. Specifically, the ever-relevant question: Is that shit yours or mine?

Uranus enters Taurus: Playing it safe risks everything

A phrase appears repeatedly throughout novelist Jeannette Winterson’s books: “What you risk reveals what you value.” She might have been preparing us for the shift of big-gun outer planet, Uranus, into Taurus, the sign of personal values, money and what we “own” (including our bodies and planet). Everything we value as a culture–and everything you value personally–isContinue reading “Uranus enters Taurus: Playing it safe risks everything”

Your 2018 Horoscope!

I peeped into my crystal ball. Read what’s in store for you here… P.S. All next year, I will be writing weekly and monthly horoscopes for Refinery29. You can always find the latest at http://www.refinery29.com/horoscope. (Image by Migueltzinta Solis)

Your 2017 Halloween Horrorscope

Thrilled to have my first-ever horoscopes up at Refinery29, and especially loving the awesome original art they paired with each sign. Even beyond its pagan and pre-hispanic significance (thinning of the veil and all that), this next week’s gonna be pretty intense (culminating with the last hit of 2017’s Chiron-Saturn square on Nov. 2), soContinue reading “Your 2017 Halloween Horrorscope”

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