Zapped, wooed, murdered: Dating under Uranus, Neptune & Pluto transits

Uranus transits feel like getting electrified, producing weird attractions & open-mindedness. Neptune is haze of love, heartbreak or both. Pluto is addiction-level obsessions. But transits from all three outer planets are rare and leave us permanently altered.

Saturn doesn’t like ice cream: Dating under Saturn transits

Pushing yourself to date because your friends (and every other voice in the culture) say you should is a form of disrespect and unkindness to yourself. Saturn reminds you that you have a personal timeline. Your cycle of unfolding is yours alone.

Astrology is not magic. And that’s a good thing.

The first time I encountered astrology, I was seventeen years old, at a lesbian music festival in the woods of northern Michigan. A few days earlier, I had spontaneously hopped into the backseat of a friend’s car with a sleeping bag and a vague expectation of acoustic guitar-strumming and shirtless leather dykes cracking their whips.Continue reading “Astrology is not magic. And that’s a good thing.”

Romance on Neptune: Fantasy crushes & break ups from hell

Picture yourself on a stereotypical date night. You cue up some Jose Gonzalez, crack a bottle of wine and/or a vape, dial down the lights, spark that incense. Maybe you’ve got a N*flix show on tap and a volume of love poetry in your back pocket. You shower, conceal your most realistic features – theContinue reading “Romance on Neptune: Fantasy crushes & break ups from hell”

Growing up, growing old: Saturn’s Return

“My Saturn return is killing me!” Many of my twenty-something clients book their first astrology reading with a version of this mournful cry. Invariably, it turns out they are not only not in their Saturn return, but are months or years away from its start date. I stopped being surprised by this a long time ago. The stress,Continue reading “Growing up, growing old: Saturn’s Return”

Jupiter into Sagittarius: Finding the hope

Since last October, the planet of faith, truth-telling and savior complexes has been traveling through Scorpio, sign of paranoia, secrets and power trips. Aided by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter has pulled the veil off large-scale sex abuses, inspiring survivors to tell their stories. But planets don’t have political agendas. Those of us whoContinue reading “Jupiter into Sagittarius: Finding the hope”

Pluto Problems: Why You Don’t Trust Anyone

This post originally appeared for my monthly Star-Crossed column on the awesome Little Red Tarot, which publishes a ton of other great stuff about astrology, tarot, queer magic etc, for your reading pleasure.  At one point or another in our lives, everyone gets sucker-punched by someone else’s bad intentions. For people with Pluto strong in theirContinue reading “Pluto Problems: Why You Don’t Trust Anyone”

Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

As of August 8th, we are in the midst of a particularly gnarly Mercury Retrograde. I blame August’s lunar and solar eclipses for throwing a bunch of emo-intensity and earthshaking change into the mix. In any case, welcome home to the usual Mercury Retro parade of ghouls: scheduling mix-ups, technology snafus, snarled traffic, minor car issues,Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips”

Charlottesville, Pluto and is This Thing We Call “America” Dying?

Sending love and wishes of fortitude to all of you. This is a dark moment, and unfortunately the planets suggest the only way through is through. In the little picture, we’re moving deeper into eclipse season (a lot of change very fast throughout August); in the big picture, we are rumbling closer to the UnitedContinue reading “Charlottesville, Pluto and is This Thing We Call “America” Dying?”

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