April 2019: Jupiter goes quiet (so listen harder!)

On April 10th, Jupiter, the planet of growth and adventure, begins its 4-month annual retrograde with a station (still point) at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. As always, Jupiter retrograde is a time when your greatest adventures may happen buried in books, meditating, on a hike with a podcast on our earbuds or even dreaming away an afternoon in a treehouse if you’ve got one handy.


This particular Jupiter retrograde begins in a T-square (a tense formation) with Mercury in Pisces and the moon in Gemini, making for a day or so of loud feelings around April 10th. You may not be entirely sure what you need or how to put those needs into words but with these particularly chatty positions, that won’t stop you from trying.

Because of the retrograde, the message you’re getting from within (or from your closest relationships) really isn’t about what you need to do. At least not yet. Rather than future-tripping or committing yourself to big plans, dare yourself to sit with what you are noticing and learn from the feelings as they gradually reveal themselves.


Art time or loving time in the company of someone who makes your muscles liquify (even if just because they make you so relaxed) will be especially fulfilling with the Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces closely linked to the big T-square.

Because the Jupiter rx is so long, this month and later, August, when the planet is at its slowest is when you are likely to actually notice its effects. The people most effected will be those with significant chart points (esp. sun, moon, ascendant and midheaven) around 22-24 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

Regardless, for all of us this is a time to chill. Put on your noise-cancelling headphones, go for a wander, make out and do your best in this long grind of 2019 to not worry about external markers of success or progress. The stuff that matters most is already whispering in your ear, waiting for you to finally listen.

image credits: ladder & treehouse.

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