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My name is Luke Dani Blue and I am a modern astrologer with a remote astrological counseling practice.

Since 2013, I have been working one-on-one with clients to help them understand and be kinder to themselves, set and reach goals and deal productively with planetary events. My clients live everywhere from Hong Kong to Mexico to New Zealand, though the majority reside in Canada and the U.S.

My horoscopes and astrology writing have been featured on Refinery29, Ranker.com, and the Little Red Tarot, and even–achievement unlocked!–shared by Rob Brezny of Free Will Astrology. I’ve been interviewed, listicled, and profiled by GOMAG, Tarot Lady, Refinery29, Little Red Tarot, and the Daily Dot. In my parallel life, I am a short story writer and creative writing teacher  with a debut short story collection coming from Feminist Press in late 2022.

My counseling practice is based on these core beliefs:

  1. You are already enough. My job is to offer a non-judgmental external lens of your gifts, your challenges, and the opportunities for deepened connection to the world around you.
  2. All that exists is the present moment and our felt experience. Astrology articulates our concept of the past and future. We are affected by those concepts, as we are by the muscle-and-gut memory of past pain, but ultimately what we have and are is this.
  3.  We are inherently in relationship. We benefit from strengthening our relationships through self-awareness, flexibility, integrity, compassion, curiosity, and being aware of our own boundaries.
  4. Astrology is not therapy and the astrologer is not a therapist. It’s crucial to have a space to process what you hear in a reading, whether with a trusted mentor, a therapist, or through quiet reflection. Many of my clients do use our readings to go deeper in other forms of healthcare, though, which is so awesome!
  5. Astrology is biased. Most “modern” astrology originates from a teensy sliver of the global experience, resulting in cultural biases (e.g. the sun–individual self–as chart’s central point, or procreation and sexuality as interchangeable). The Western astrologer has a responsibility to seek out other perspectives and to center the client’s own worldview (unless unethical to do so).
  6. To claim that one has unique access to a truth beyond the client’s own knowing is inherently harmful. I do my best to acknowledge the limitations of astrology and my interpretation of it, but the format of the astrology reading reinforces the astrologer’s power and mystique. An astrologer should never, ever, ever take advantage of or intentionally reinforce this illusion.
  7. The most valuable astrology service is cheerleading. No matter how rough the transits striking your chart or the waves of life whacking your boat, I want you to leave the reading with greater self-trust and connection to the bits of light within the darkness.

Unlike a lot of astrologers, I read charts the same for everyone regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

How about that “Men are from Mars” line? Here’s a blog post about what a load of crap it is.

Similarly, racism, classism, white supremacy, ableism etc. are real and affect how freely we move through the world. The language of astrology can offer insight into how injustice impacts us and how, when and whether to adapt, fight back or focus our attention elsewhere.

I am currently seeing new and return clients internationally by Zoom and phone. All sessions include an audio recording.

For rates, reading options or to schedule, click here. For all other inquiries, email luke@seagoatastrology.com.

Oh, and if you are so kind as to speak about me in the third person, I use the pronoun “they”.

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  1. Something very weird happened to the text alignment as I was typing my other response. (?) And that was in a different section of this website.
    Anyway, to continue the story, the pundits (on CNN today) were marveling at how Donald Trump could put on “two shows at once” (for two different audiences) as he was making today’s (or yesterday’s?) speech. It amazes me how people so steadfastly deny astrological knowledge (e.g. Gemini). Someone explained it as the culture’s not wanting to believe in ‘fate’

    Anyway, I can’t wait to ask you for a 90 minute reading. You’ve got me more excited than any other astrologer I’ve met in a long long time. My life is a puzzle and a half, with a pair and a half of very very strong and full aspects. But I’ll have to wait until I feel a little richer. Until then, I’m following.

    1. I’m touched :). And yes, unfortunately, Trump is an example of Gemini energy at its worst (there’s quite a bit more than his sun sign fueling him though). I do offer low-income readings for those who otherwise can’t afford the full-price. Message me if you’re interested.

    1. Ryan, thank you! I’m really happy you enjoyed them. The Refinery29 people are super lovely, but I just wanted to spending that time elsewhere (like doing client sessions). I am currently thinking up a way to keep delivering astrology to the people tho! Like maybe horoscope videos? Sign up for my mailing list (schedule & rates link, and fill out form at the bottom) and I’ll let you know as soon as more horoscopery is available 🙂

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