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Hi! My name is Luke Dani Blue and I am the head Seagoat in charge here. 🙂

Seagoat Astrology is my non-human baby. Its head is a blog, its limbs are a facebook page and youtube channel, and its body is the phone/skype readings I do throughout the week with clients from all parts of North America, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and Hong Kong. I write a monthly column, Star-Crossed, for The Little Red Tarot and will be a guest astrologer at Refinery29 this fall.

What’s a “Reading”?
Every person (and animal*, if you want to take it there) has a unique(-ish) natal chart based on the exact minute and place they were born. A reading is when an astrologer looks at your birth chart and tells you what it means. You might know you’re a Cancer–but did you know you also have flavors of Gemini, Aries and a strong Plutonian nature? Whoa. That’s a mouthful!

Seagoat readings are all about cutting through the astro-lingo to place you front-and-center as the expert of your own experience. My style is heavily psychological (what we astrologers call “Plutonian”) and hardcore practical (“Capricornian”). In Seagoat-land, readings are about helping you understand and work with your basic nature. One of my clients called her first reading the best and most cost-effective hour of therapy she’d ever had. That’s about the highest compliment a commonsense woo-er like me could ask for. (Sold? Book yours here.)

*My dog is a Pisces with an Aries moon. In her case that means she’s as into fetch as Kurt Cobain was into heroin. And yes, reading a dog’s chart is silly, but not as silly as this:

sheep dog

You don’t need an astrologer to tell you that this is a very bad pun.

The Seagoat Story
At age 19, I was a hardcore astrology skeptic. All I’d ever heard about my sign (Capricorn) was that we were boring conservative grouches who liked doing taxes and climbing corporate ladders. I might have been a grouch, but I had also gotten expelled from high school for florid acts of political resistance, my parents disapproved of my choices, I hated working and capitalism, was scared shitless of anything resembling an official form and wanted only to live a life of excessively emotional art. I was living proof that astrology was bunkum pseudoscience.

While lying around a friend’s house recovering from surgery, I fumbled across a gorgeous full-color astrology book. Among the pretty pictures was a blue-green mountain goat with a mermaid tail declaring itself CAPRICORN. Huh? The text described a Babylonian god, Ea, as the original archetype of Capricorn. Not the mountain goat at all but the Sea Goat. According to the book, Capricorn symbolized the spiritual dimension of earth, how the wisdom acquired through reckoning with reality helped us goats live with one foot in the material and one detached foot in the murk and flow of the beyond.

Eventually I grew up and discovered that I was indeed uptight (at least compared to my peers) and career-oriented (once I found work I loved), but by then the Seagoat archetype had me hard by the lapels–as did astrology.

Seagoat Astrology was born in 2012, after a decade of independent study (Liz Greene, Robert Hand, Susan Tompkins, Jan Spiller) and secret apprenticeship to the practices of the astrologers who I went to as a client (Jessica Lanyadoo, Emily Trinkaus, Rosie Finn). The name represents what I wanted to give my own clients–the mix of practicality and the numinous that I continue to believe is Capricorn energy expressed at its highest level.

The Seagoat Approach
What you see on this site is the lighter side of astrology, but my real passion is the transformative work I get to do one-on-one with clients. What I do is called ‘psychological’ astrology. Part straight-up psychology and part modern Western astrology, my practice is based in three fundamental beliefs:

  1. Deep fulfillment is within reach for everyone.
  2. The natal chart describes who we are.
  3. Fate is a real yet malleable extension of our selves. We can’t escape ourselves but we can choose to become ourselves more beautifully and completely.

Behind this lives my experience as a publishing fiction writer and queer, and my education in anti-oppression frameworks and intersectional feminism. I value the arts as highly as I value justice. These outlooks seep indelibly into my work with clients, in the form of specific strategies for pursuing a life in the arts and helping clients recognize without self-judgment the workings of oppression in their lives.

Whoever you are, I want you to leave our session feeling energized to reach for what your heart desires and capable of handling any challenges along the way.

What else?
I am currently seeing new and return clients internationally by Skype and phone. All sessions include an .mp3 recording.

For rates or to schedule your reading, click here. For questions, contact Luke at seagoatastrology@gmail.com.

The Seagoat Astrology logo was designed by Laura Cerón Melo. For more information on her illustration and design services, visit her portfolio here.



  1. johnsonfamily2

    Something very weird happened to the text alignment as I was typing my other response. (?) And that was in a different section of this website.
    Anyway, to continue the story, the pundits (on CNN today) were marveling at how Donald Trump could put on “two shows at once” (for two different audiences) as he was making today’s (or yesterday’s?) speech. It amazes me how people so steadfastly deny astrological knowledge (e.g. Gemini). Someone explained it as the culture’s not wanting to believe in ‘fate’

    Anyway, I can’t wait to ask you for a 90 minute reading. You’ve got me more excited than any other astrologer I’ve met in a long long time. My life is a puzzle and a half, with a pair and a half of very very strong and full aspects. But I’ll have to wait until I feel a little richer. Until then, I’m following.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m touched :). And yes, unfortunately, Trump is an example of Gemini energy at its worst (there’s quite a bit more than his sun sign fueling him though). I do offer low-income readings for those who otherwise can’t afford the full-price. Message me if you’re interested.

      Liked by 1 person

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