11 responses to “9 Long Reasons Not To Date A Capricorn”

  1. Seagoat, you are so brilliant and I don’t even know any Capricorns so I must be talking about your sheer writing brilliance.

  2. I absolutely cannot believe how accurate AND hysterical this is! I so see myself in all of these descriptions. I even run a catering company! Your insight is freaky on target. Thanks so much for sharing the insights astrology can provide – and in such an accessible way.

    • Ha! Cait, I’m so slow at blog posts (this is why Leos won’t hang out with us Caps isn’t it?). I’m doing them all in order, so I *will* get to Leo eventually–hopefully by your next birthday. (Saving the best for last.)

  3. When you say “months” at arms length with a cap guy are we talking 4-5 or like 7-8? Inquiring mind, I’ve been “hanging out” with one for 3 months now and he says he likes me but he definitely lives by his schedule.

    • Ha! Unfortunately, even with a complete natal chart, no one could make that kind of prediction–probably not even your cap guy. (Wouldn’t it be nice if you could, though?) Even with astrology, human life is still mostly free will and random chance. Your best bet is to ask *him.* If he’s a really classic Cappy, he may have a specific timeline or set of criteria in mind–and likely will respect your desire to know.

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