June 2018 Horoscope

IMG_20180508_103934_489Transit details for astro nerds at bottom.

Thanks to a very active Venus and Mars, relationships—romances, friendships and even close bonds with a sibling or parent—are front and center this month. Specifically, the ever-relevant question: Is that shit yours or mine?

Money management will be a special challenge all month, as the influences have us wanting to either impulse spend or hoard. Either extreme is likely triggered by fear, anger, frustration or anxiety, and seriously, do you want those ne’er-do-wells in charge of your debit card?

Art-making and the deep experiencing of art are the one “easy” area this month. And by “easy” I mean gratifying, productive and not likely to screw up your life. Watch or make movies, read or write an epic poem or two, or decoupage your kitchen walls, and give all the riled-up Martian energy a Venusian outlet.

We start the month in heady, social Gemini, and under that busy sign’s rays, we may find it difficult to leave well enough alone.

The week of June 3rd, a tangle of worst fear-sparking transits will make it easy to slide into paranoia and its personal assistant, manipulation. Communicative Mercury is caught in Neptune’s fog, causing important details to get lost in translation. Lying or getting lied to is possible here, but you’re more likely to confuse an honest misunderstanding with intentional deception.

There may well be useful gut sense-slash-intuition coming to you this week but be patient with drawing conclusions. The reality is probably a lot better (or at least less scary) than you think.

Financial terrors are also likely this week, but have you done the math to show those fears are valid? Avoiding handling the details (or trying to handle too many at once) because you’re worried only increases worry.

Best bet: A fulfilling and comforting alone time activity, preferably spiritual, psychological or artistic in nature. Especially good: music-making, meditation or going deep within to understand your fears around love.

The week of June 10th is passionate with a side of wait-you’re-doing-what-now??

If you have any planets or points in the first few degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius, you’ll be prone to sudden 180s and dramatic new tastes in clothing, crushes, friends and sensory pleasures. All of us, regardless of our natal chart positions, will be a bit restless in our relationships, wanting a wild, new beauty to explode into our lives (whether that’s an unattainable new crush or a vivid art or business idea).

The extreme and disruptive urge to change something now! can be positively expressed just by hanging out with someone outside your usual friend type or introducing an exciting—and slightly daring—new activity (couples’ lion-taming lessons, anyone?) into a relationship that’s gotten too indoorsy of late. Or you might be due for a good fight.

A good fight is on schedule for the week of June 17th.

The sun enters moody, needs-centered Cancer just as a passionate collision of Venus and Mars occurs (June 21st). When Venus, the planet of love, cooperation and reason, makes a hard contact to Mars, the planet of lust, selfishness and action, we get the kind of blow-outs that lead to make-up sex or tearful pledges to always have each other’s backs.

The conversations that dysfunctioned two weeks ago can be had now much more effectively, as we all have access to real insight, truthfulness and sensitivity if we choose to be honest. For conflict-phobes, a reminder that Mars’ assertiveness (and the conflict it brings) helps keep Venusian love fresh and keeps our relationships awake.

Our outlooks are more compassionate, imaginative and just this week. That Mars-Venus fighting energy can be effectively directed toward protest and fighting for Venusian fairness. (Art, again, loves these transits.)

The week of June 24th, Mars turns retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius.

If you have planets or sensitive points in the early degrees of the fixed signs (Aqua, Taurus, Leo, Scorp) or last few degrees of the cardinals (Cap, Cancer, Aries, Libra), this is the beginning of a summer-long reassessment of your recent actions. How have you handled your angers and frustrations? Have you ignored what you wanted or shoved others aside to get your way? Mars retrograde slows us down—by lowering our energy and maybe even breaking our cars or other machines we rely on to get stuff done—so we can take notice what has worked (i.e. gotten us what we truly wanted) and what has blown up in our faces. Anything new you start (especially Martian things like businesses, sexual relationships, exercise goals and fights) might run off the rails due to low energy or poor planning. It’s frustrating when that happens but the most important thing is to learn from the frustration and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Everyone else will feel the Mars retro effect most strongly during this week (and again just before the planet turns direct in late August). Feeling tired or pent-up—like you’re being forcibly slowed down or kept from your goals—is normal. Put that frustrated energy into a satisfying solo activity—ideally one you’ve been working on for a while that might need to take a new direction.

Find out where this month’s transits will hit for you, and the bigger issues they are triggering in a one-on-one Depth reading (with yours truly!).

Week of June 3rd transits
Venus opposition Pluto – 20 degrees Cancer/Capricorn
Mercury conjunct Sun – 15 degrees Gemini
Mercury square Neptune – 16 deg. Gemini/Pisces
Sun square Neptune – 16 deg. Gemini/Pisces

Week of June 10th transits
Mercury enters Cancer
Venus enters Leo
Venus square Uranus – 1 degree Leo/Taurus

Week of June 17th transits
Mercury trine Jupiter – 13 degrees Cancer/Scorpio
Mercury trine Neptune – 16 degrees Cancer/Pisces
Venus opposition Mars – 9 degrees Leo/Aquarius

Week of June 21st transits
Full Moon conjunct Saturn – 6 degrees Capricorn & Cancer; 5 degrees Capricorn
Mars stations retrograde – 9 degrees Aquarius

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  1. Wow, love this. I’ll be on a cruise to Alaska at the end of August. No initiating, no making large purchases, just vacation. I hope I get along with my cabin mate! Thanks Dani!

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