The Moon Is For Lovers: Your Lunar Intimacy Style

This is Part III of a 3-part series on the moon in relationships. Part I explored why the moon is the most important relationship planet. Part II boiled down what can go wrong (or right) when our moon signs move in together.

At its core, the Moon represents what our child-self needs to feel okay.

When we forget to parent our inner-child though, it can run amuck.

Last month, I wrote about some of the gnarly behaviors that cause strife in relationships for each moon sign. Below is a deep dive into your Moon’s natural inclinations and how to consciously use those inclinations to support all your close relationships.

Moon in Aries

Intimacy style: Direct, loving, creative, high-energy, fast.
Down time: What’s that?
Communicate your need for: Independence. Be specific about what this means to YOU (otherwise you risk heartbreaking misinterpretations).
What you can always give more of: Regular check-ins and open-ended questions. (Couples therapy is a great tool.)

Moon in Taurus

Intimacy style: Loyal, sensual, self-contained, steady.
Down time: Get grounded and put something tasty in your mouth.
Communicate your need for: Emotional boundaries. Some people like to share more than others. Be clear about what you like to keep for yourself alone and how the other person can tell where you want to be approached and don’t.
What you can always give more of: Active response to ‘bids’ and positive touch. (You show connection best through your body.)

Moon in Gemini

Intimacy style: Talkative, stimulating, social, busy, fun.
Down time: Catch up on social media, chat, read and write.
Communicate your need for: Other people. You need to mix it up on the regular. If your person knows what to expect around this, they’re less likely to feel flaked on.
What you can always give more of: Being mentally present. Mindfulness – observing the other person through your senses – takes some practice but will help you stay in the moment.

Moon in Cancer

Intimacy style: Super-bonded, cuddly, nurturing, moody, empathetic.
Down time: Movies on the couch with plenty of snacks and interruptions to talk.
Communicate your need for: What you actually need. Discerning (honestly) what you can best get from yourself versus what you want from someone else will help make intimacy sustainable.
What you can always give more of: Asking what they need and want (vs. reacting intuitively).

Moon in Leo

Intimacy style: Loyal, romantic, creative, loving, game-playing, dramatic.
Down time: Making art, playing and amazing dates.
Communicate your need for: Loyalty. Define loyalty in clear terms and be reasonable.
What you can always give more of: Space to make independent decisions.

Moon in Virgo

Intimacy style: Analytical, helpful, concerned, kind, playful.
Down time: Fixing or organizing something, writing, talking about life problems, doing puzzles.
Communicate your need for: Appreciation. Your person may not realize how much work you’re putting in or how much a thank you means.
What you can always give more of: Loving emotional validation (without telling them how to ‘fix’ it).

Moon in Libra

Intimacy style: Chatty, kind, agreeable, flexible, supportive, social, argumentative.
Down time: Leisure, conversation & chill fun with a co-pilot.
Communicate your need for: Good emotional communication. (Be the instigator of new, mutual skills in this department.)
What you can always give more of: A kind “no.” Boundaries remind us where we’re separate from each other and supports happy relationships.

Moon in Scorpio

Intimacy style: Extreme, private, deeply bonded, empathetic, sexual, wary.
Down time: Immerse yourself in an obsession, a vice or your feelings.
Communicate your need for: Intensity. You either need to go deep with someone else or be left alone to do it by yourself.
What you can always give more of: Space for the other person’s private life. No matter how much you guard yourself, you can’t prevent pain or betrayal, and it won’t hurt less to see it coming. Treating people with trust, however, makes them want to share more of themselves.

Moon in Sagittarius

Intimacy style: Exuberant, adventurous, inspired, philosophical, loving.
Down time: Dancing on all the tables! Drinking and eating all the things! Reading all the books!
Communicate your need for: Room to roam. Be realistic with yourself and your person about what this looks like.
What you can always give more of: Good listening, with lots of open-ended questions.

Moon in Capricorn

Intimacy style: Realistic, deep, sensitive, committed, growth-oriented, genuine.
Down time: Working on a project or on self-improvement.
Communicate your need for: Emotional validation. (You’re not a rock, you just act like one.)
What you can always give more of: Active words and actions of support, compassion, love, appreciation and acceptance. Even if it feels awkward to say this stuff, the other person will know you care.

Moon in Aquarius

Intimacy style: Detached, interested, independent, chill, idealistic, agreeable.
Down time: Hang out with your favorite weirdos, research, grassroots organizing.
Communicate your need for: Independent friendships. It’s important to your emotional well-being to have space to socialize apart from a partner or bestie. That will only feel like a burn if you act weird about it instead of letting the other person know.
What you can always give more of to your person: Your participation (in fights, child-rearing, house decisions, relationship decisions, icky projects, etc). Pushing your comfort zone goes a long way to creating true relationship equality.

Moon in Pisces

Intimacy style: Devoted, mysterious, sensitive, compassionate, drifty, changeable.
Down time: A sweet retreat from the noisy world.
Communicate your need for: Gentleness. Your people may not understand how easily you’re hurt or how sensitive you are to their unspoken feelings.
What you can always give more of: Nonjudgmental awareness of the situation. Tracking your actual (vs. imagined) behavior will help you understand how much power you actually have, making you less likely to credit others when things feel good or blame them when they feel bad.

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