Drunk Astrology: Hate-Reading Donald J. Trump

One of the neat things about the birth chart is how many ways different people can express the same planetary picture. Destiny comes with a wagonload of free will as it turns out, and most reasonably motivated humans will take the lemons of a sour childhood, for example, and make pretty spiffy lemonade. Others use their free will to exploit, whine and lie their way through life. Our current president is one of these lowlifes (don’t @me–if you love trump, i’m just gonna delete your comment b/c idgaf) who provides a case study of the worst possible manifestation of nearly everything in his chart. If your chart looks a lot like DJT’s worry not! You’re probably generous & kind & smart! We probably like you already! That’s because you’ve used your free will to not suck. I bet it wasn’t even that hard.

Sometimes astrologers get drunk & use our powers for evil. Like to join me for a round of hard lemonade, friends? Come, rest those weary feet in my shade.Drunk Astrology - Donald Trump

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