Dear Seagoat #9: Must a Retired Helper Fish Help More?


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Dear Seagoat,

I have recently retired and am thoroughly enjoying my freedom—reading novels, playing and listening to music, going to movies, seeing friends…but with so much need and injustice in the world, I am feeling guilty for not doing more –to be honest, anything, to help. On the other hand, my whole career involved helping people and I feel like it should be okay to take a break—but apparently my conscience doesn’t agree. I’m afraid if I don’t start volunteering soon, I’ll get too comfortable with my self-indulgent lifestyle and will never get around to it. Any advice?

–Pisces At Loose Ends

Dear PALE,

Congratulations on your retirement! As a double Pisces (Moon and Sun in Pisces), you draw your sense of purpose and emotional grounding from peace, flow and unstructured time. Immersion in music, stories and love feeds your Piscean connection to universal oneness. On a symbolic level, Pisces represents the last stage of human development—the surrender from physical reality to spiritual reality. Safe to assume you’ll be at your best during your retirement years.

Pisces is also super sensitive. Pisces picks up on emotions, thoughts, worries and dreams in its surroundings. Pisces also lacks the boundaries other signs take for granted—for a strongly Piscean person, it can be near to impossible to tell where ‘I’ ends and ‘you’ begins. In the process of that exchange of (spiritual) fluids, Pisces soaks up whatever is most human (or maybe just most holy) in each individual. This is what makes Pisceans such gifted helpers: they easily love others’ best selves—and that love can be profoundly healing for those ready to grow.

Your Piscean sensitivity is what makes you unable to tune out the world’s “need and injustice.” Yet your question is basically a moral one. Should you put your free time toward the causes that inspire your Piscean empathy? Is volunteering important? Is there a point at which we are done helping others—or where our obligation to humanity is fulfilled?

Fucked if I know.

What astrology sucks at: morality. What astrology is excellent at: pragmatic solutions.

Mainly, astrology can tell you what your personal path looks like—how you feel when you’re on it, which directions you’ll head when running away.

And boy howdy does Pisces like to run away. Pisces, sign of spiritual oneness is also the sign of addictions, cults and hopeless fantasizing. Thing is, Pisceans love so fully, they are devastated when humans don’t live up to their potential for good. (That injustice you mention really breaks a Piscean heart.)

Back to those pragmatic solutions.

Problem: you = double Pisces* who will self-isolate and indulge in solipsistic escapism (leading to depression and physical illness) when you can’t cope with this ugly, nasty, mean world.

Solution: put your Piscean love to work, because tuning into others on a heart level grounds you in that sense of connection.

Try this: let go of the moral question. The practical one is what supports your loving, peaceful Piscean flow? Maybe you’ve outgrown your structured, professional “helping” role. Maybe there’s a lighter, more pleasurable Piscean way for you to continue giving back—and staying connected.

For instance, could you bring music to others? Or spend time with older folks (who are truly at the Piscean stage of life) reading aloud? Taking them to movies? Teaching them to sing or play instruments?

What gift do you possess that you could share or awaken in others? What kind of people or situations or support roles would make you feel most connected to something larger than yourself?

Oh, and since Pisces doesn’t really get down with linear time: yes, start right NOW. Waiting leads to fantasizing which leads to eating ice cream which leads to sadness.

Take advantage of these years to enrich your life and bring you the kinds of happy connections that you can joyfully look back on later.


*Also: Cancer/7th house North Node



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