The North Node is the Arrow that Points to Your Heart

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The North Node, sometimes called the “soul path” is one of the most important points in the astrology chart. If you don’t know your North Node sign, you can find out super quick by finding your birth date on this list .


North Node in Aries or 1st house

Love Superpower: Wooing/kissing/boning who you want when you want (with lots of direct, unapologetic communication) brings you loving relationships where everyone is equal.

Achilles heel: Aiming to get what you want by pleasing and supporting your partner leaves you vague on your real goals & boiling with resentment.

Love Magic:
Cardio exercise—don’t hate me! Dancing counts. Also, keep a routine. These help connect you to who you are separate from your partners. Good boundaries are the natural result.

North Node in Taurus or 2nd house

Love Superpower: Taking it slow—at the speed you’re comfortable—increases pleasure and builds trust, leading to solid, loving, SEXY relationships. Most important, you’ll keep your sense of self-worth.

Achilles heel: Messy or abusive relationships where you find power through manipulation and self-harm.

Love Magic: Take time off to be your own primary partner. Treat your five senses to life-affirming pleasures, like singing, sticking your nose in flowers, eating that scoop of rocky road ice cream so slow you feel the plump side of every sweet little marshmallow. Learn to love making money. It’s okay. It’s just a symbolic representation of labor that you can exchange for food and shelter. Yes, capitalism is inherently unjust. No, being broke will not make you less complicit. But money does make it easier to stay out of and leave bad love (and removes your excuses for not taking care of yourself).

North Node in Gemini or 3rd House

Love Superpower: Fascination with the mundane parts of relationship: side-by-side teeth brushing, grocery shopping, talking about nothing just because you like talking to each other. The ability to let deeper meaning develop in relationship through an accumulation of these little moments.

Achilles Heel: Breaking up with someone because you need “Space” or “Freedom” and then ending up lonely and bored.

Love Magic: Get lowercase “freedom” by living a diverse life, full of many friends, acquaintances, activities and even (casual) lovers. Stay interested inside your partnerships by asking better questions and really listening when your sweetie talks.

North Node in Cancer or 4th House

Love Superpower: Being sooo tender and squooshy and emotionally real with your sweeties in way that gives everyone permission to be human.

Achilles Heel: Making sacrifices that aren’t appreciated, leaving you feeling deeply hurt.

Love Magic: Good relationships start with self-care, and self-care is another name for healthy self-mothering. Practice naming your needs and emotions without judgment to yourself first and then to your loves. Anyone worth your time will be happy to have a chance to support you for once.

North Node in Leo or 5th house

Love Superpower: Your playful side comes out in romantic relationships where you bring out the kid in your partners.

Achilles Heel: Choosing not-so-nice partners because they fit your ideal type or because your friends like them or because they conform to some political measure you came up with. (These abstract standards are self-protective, but you might not be able to see that yet.)

Love Magic: Pay attention to who makes you laugh unguardedly, who you can be yourself around without fear of judgement. Practice saying “I want.” Say it a lot.
North Node in Virgo or 6th house

Love Superpower: Crazy problem-solving skills that can repair any relationship where your partner is willing to grow.

Achilles Heel: Trying to save people who don’t want to change. Self-medicating/workaholism/sleeping to avoid having to deal with relationship problems.

Love Magic: Speak up as soon as you notice a problem. Practice staying in your body by focusing on details: count floor tiles, feel the air on your skin, feel the pressure of the ground under your feet. Be the one to act, taking it one step at a time.
North Node in Libra or 7th House

Love Superpower: Balanced, peaceful relationships where you and your partner form a strong unit.

Achilles Heel: Charging ahead without checking in, which leaves you doing all the work—and pissed off about it.

Love Magic: Make your relationship a mutual project by slowing down to include your partner. You’re probably making incorrect assumptions about the motives behind your co-pilot’s behavior. Start a conversation with the focus on (you) listening. Then strategize together to make everyone happy.

North Node in Scorpio or 8th House

Love Superpower: The ability to experience deep and sexy emotional bonding with another person that burns every sad, bad habit you ever had right out of you and leaves you transformed forever! (Really!)

Achilles Heel: Shutting down intimacy through stoicism and insisting on doing things your way. This leaves you feeling taken advantage of, since the support is only going one way (from you to them).

Love Magic: When your sweetie opens up to you, reciprocate by opening up to them. Trade a secret for a secret. Increase her confidence by revealing one of your own fears. It might feel like you’re dying, but that’s just your heart expanding to take in so much love.
North Node in Sagittarius or in the 9th House

Love Superpower: Keeping adventure and discovery alive in relationships. You do great at polyamory when your focus is on meaningful connections with everyone involved.

Achilles Heel: Losing others’ trust through inconsistency, failure to commit and a trail of tiny lies.

Love Magic: Don’t be an asshole. If you suspect someone will be hurt by your actions, they probably will, no matter how much you rationalize. Be radically kind by owning your decisions aloud. You might fear closing off your options, but life is richer when you’re true to yourself and treat others with warmth that comes from the heart.

North Node in Capricorn or in the 10th House

Love Superpower: Stable, long-term relationship balanced with meaningful career/goals (after you’ve had time to sow your freaky-deaky oats).

Achilles Heel: Family of origin drama that takes up too much space in your life to date seriously. Or, drama in your chosen family that makes you micro-manage-y and miserable.

Love Magic: Identify and state your boundaries and back them up with action. If you say you’re done with midnight phone calls, turn off your phone before midnight! When you say “no”, you create space in your family (and life) to be your whole self.
North Node in Aquarius or in the 11th House

Love Superpower: You have a talent for creating trusting, sexy relationships fortified by mutual equality and an awesome circle of friends.

Achilles Heel: Painful/euphoric chaser-chasee romances that alternate between passionate sex and fighting.

Love Magic: Become a keen observer of your own reactions in love. Are you demanding that your partners keep up the new-love act, only showing you their hottest self? You’re so good at loving your friends for who they really are; let your lovers experience the same acceptance.

North Node in Pisces or the 12th House

Love Superpower: Making all your relationships refuges of compassion and peace.

Achilles Heel: Not leaving stressful relationships because you are waiting for your partner to be okay without you.

Love magic: Surrender to what is like falling back into gentle water. There is no right ending, no right way to be or do. Let go with a heart full of love and visions of your partner thriving. Visualize life as a river and let it carry you on.

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